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Allicin CAS NO. 539-86-6
  • Allicin CAS NO. 539-86-6

Allicin CAS NO. 539-86-6

    Tipo de Pago: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW
    Plazo de entrega: 15 días
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Información básica

Modelo: 539-86-6

Proceso de dar un título: ISO

Forma: Polvo

Función: Otro

Tipo: Antibiótico

Información adicional

Paquete: 25kg / bolsa

productividad: 500,000tons per year

Marca: Jinan para siempre

transporte: Ocean

Lugar de origen: China

Capacidad de suministro: 200,000 tons per year

Certificados : ISO9000

HS-Code: 293090

Hafen: Qingdao


Allicin Basic information
Product Name: Allicin
Synonyms: allylthiosulphinicacidallylester;Diallyldisulfid-S-oxide;diallylthiosulfinate;thio-2-propene-1-sulfinicacids-allylester;thio-2-propene-1-sulfinicacis-allylester;Allicin (90%);S-allyl prop-2-ene-1-sulfinothioate (Allicin);Allicin, froM AlliuM sativuM L.
CAS: 539-86-6
MF: C6H10OS2
MW: 162.27
EINECS: 208-727-7
Product Categories: -;plant extract
Mol File: 539-86-6.mol
Allicin Structure
Allicin Chemical Properties
Melting point  25°C
Boiling point  259°C (rough estimate)
density  d420 1.112
refractive index  nD20 1.561
form  liquid
Safety Information
HS Code  29329990
Toxicity LD50 in mice (mg/kg): 60 i.v.; 120 s.c. (Cavallito, Bailey)

MSDS Information
Allicin Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Properties Light yellow oily liquid
Uses Allicin is naturally formed by the action of the enzyme allicinase on alliin when the tissue of the garlic bulb is disrupted. Allicin shows antibacterial activity.
Definition An antibacterial substance extracted from garlic (allium).
Contact allergens Allicin is one of the major allergens in garlic (Allium sativum L.). It is responsible for the characteristic flavor of the bulbs and has immunomodulating and antibacterial properties.
Anticancer Research For allicin, a reduction of tumoral cell proliferation was reported by Misharina et al..
Enzyme inhibitor This naturally occurring sulfoxide and antibacterial and antifungal agent (FW = 162.28 g/mol; CAS 539-86-6), also known as diallyl thiosulfinate, and 2-propene-1-sulfinothioic acid S-2-propenyl ester, has the fragrance of freshly crushed garlic (Allium sativum). Target(s): urease; papain; amylase; succinate dehydrogenase; xanthine oxidase; glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; choline oxidase; hexokinase; cholinesterase; glyoxylase; alcohol dehydrogenase; lactate dehydrogenase; tyrosinase; alkaline phosphatase; RNA biosynthesis; prostaglandin-E synthase, or prostaglandin-H2 isomerase; acetyl-CoA synthetase, or acetate:CoA ligase; lanosterol 14a-demethylase; histolysain and/or amoebapain; alcohol dehydrogenase, NADP+-dependent; protein farnesyltransferase; protein geranylgeranyltransferase; CYP1A2; CYP2C9; CYP2C19; CYP2D6; CY3A4; acetylcholinesterase; 5-lipoxygenase, or arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase.
Allicin Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials Sodium thiosulfate-->Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate-->Garlic P.E

PRODUCTOS POR GRUPO : Allicin CAS NO. 539-86-6

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